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Durga Puja 2023 Photo Contest

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Contest Start: October 14, 2023

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Accountants balance an NGO’s financial books, ensure legal compliance, and help ensure long-term success and sustainability. Accountants make sure an NGO’s financial documents are accurate and compliant with all laws and regulations. Accountants also prepare tax returns, evaluate an NGO’s financial activities, and perform other day-to-day financial activities. Unlike finance officers, accountants focus more on record-keeping than financial strategy.
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Sumit Khobragade
1 May, 2002 9 May, 2018
Activism Coordinator
Activism coordinators, who are a type of community organizer, coordinate activism activities like peaceful protests and other public events. Activism coordination involves many moving parts, such as developing ideas for events, budgeting, scheduling speakers and activities, raising awareness in the community, and managing an event. You’ll also need to understand the risks involved in activism and create safety plans.
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Sumit Khobragade
1 May, 2016 31 May, 2026
Advocacy Officer
Advocacy officers represent the NGO’s vision and goals to the public and government agencies. They work with the media and stakeholders such as volunteers and donors. Advocacy officers work closely with partners and stakeholders, including NGO members, partner organizations, the private sector, and government agencies. They coordinate advocacy campaigns, meet with project managers, and work with other communications professionals in the NGO.
Profile photo 1 May, 2022 30 May, 2027
Communications Officer
Communications officers work in an NGO’s marketing, brand awareness, and public relations division. They focus on communicating the NGO’s vision, goals, programs, and how people can get involved. Communications officers are typically spokespeople for an NGO, but they’re also responsible for maintaining a database of media contacts; creating content like social media posts, blogs, and press releases; and managing the communication budget.
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Tarak Gmail
1 May, 2028 -
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