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Accountants balance an NGO’s financial books, ensure legal compliance, and help ensure long-term success and sustainability. Accountants make sure an NGO’s financial documents are accurate and compliant with all laws and regulations. Accountants also prepare tax returns, evaluate an NGO’s financial activities, and perform other day-to-day financial activities. Unlike finance officers, accountants focus more on record-keeping than financial strategy.
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Sumit Khobragade
1 May, 2024 1 May, 2025
Campaigners work on campaigns, projects, and programs that aim to grow the organization, raise awareness of specific goals, and attract donors or members. They’re often part of an NGO’s communications and strategy division.
Profile photo 1 May, 2022 1 May, 2024
Communications Officer
Communications officers work in an NGO’s marketing, brand awareness, and public relations division. They focus on communicating the NGO’s vision, goals, programs, and how people can get involved. Communications officers are typically spokespeople for an NGO, but they’re also responsible for maintaining a database of media contacts; creating content like social media posts, blogs, and press releases; and managing the communication budget.
Profile photo 1 May, 2026 1 May, 2028
Educators at NGOs can work as education officers, program managers, teachers, and more. Because the right to education is a human right, many NGOs focus on education or include education as part of their goals. Educators are professionals with backgrounds in educational development, education policy, and/or classroom instruction or instructional design.
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sumit khobragade
1 May, 2024 Present
Grant Writer
Most NGOs depend on grants for at least a portion of their funding. Grant writers research appropriate grants, write proposals, and work with team members to disperse money. Grant writers do a lot of research and writing. Research involves finding grants and identifying which are the right fit for their NGO. Grant writing consists of developing persuasive, clear proposals describing why their NGO is the best recipient of the grant.
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Sumit Khobragade
1 May, 2024 Present
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