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Policy Analyst
Policy analysts study how laws and regulations impact policy, organizations, groups of people, and society at large. That can include developing policy ideas relevant to the NGO they work for. Policy analysts study policies and laws, collect and analyze data, provide recommendations on new legislation and policies, create policy drafts, and work with NGO stakeholders.
Mandir Baba Balak Nath Walsall UK Temples Neighbourhood Temples 9 May, 2023 22 Jun, 2023
Communications Officer
Communications officers work in an NGO’s marketing, brand awareness, and public relations division. They focus on communicating the NGO’s vision, goals, programs, and how people can get involved. Communications officers are typically spokespeople for an NGO, but they’re also responsible for maintaining a database of media contacts; creating content like social media posts, blogs, and press releases; and managing the communication budget.
about-us-3-team-member-1 Media 7 Jul, 2023 22 Jul, 2023
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