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Ready to take your business to the next level? List as a supplier on MyMahotsav today and unlock a world of opportunities to showcase your services, connect with clients, and grow your business. 

Having a strong presence on MyMahotsav helps you establish trust with potential customers. Manage your listings for free or upgrade to stand out from the competition.

Showcase Your Expertise

Whether you specialize in catering, decor, entertainment, or any other event-related service, listing your business with us opens up a world of opportunities to showcase your offerings and connect with potential clients.

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By listing yourself as supplier on MyMahotsav, you have the higher chance to showcase your products and expertise to a global audience.

Whether you excel in creating exquisite floral arrangements, providing top-notch catering services, or delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences, listing with us allows you to highlight your skills and attract clients who are seeking your specific services.

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

By listing as a supplier on MyMahotsav, you gain access to a vast network of event planners, organizers, and individuals who are actively seeking suppliers for their events.

Drive Sales and Bookings

Drive Sales and Bookings

With our platform's robust booking and inquiry features, potential clients can easily reach out to inquire about your services, leading to increased sales and bookings for your business.

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

Our SEO-optimized platform ensures that your business receives maximum visibility and exposure to potential clients searching for event suppliers online.

Get High Sales Chart with Listings in MyMahotsav

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Make Smarter Business Decisions

With our platform's user-friendly interface and advanced search features, potential clients can easily discover your business and reach out to inquire about your services, helping you expand your reach and grow your customer base.

Get leads to your Inbox

Whether you're looking to fill your inbox with leads or calendar with new bookings and attract long-term customers, MyMahotsav is the perfect platform to showcase your products and services and drive growth for your business.

Accurate Real-Time Reports and Insights

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Business Hours

Business Hours

Add business hours to any listing and show when open or close, live status  and works with any caching system (unlike our competitors)

Search by Proximity

Search by Proximity

Search by zip code or location name to order listing by distance to that location, show the distance and even provide directions.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Fully customizable, colors, rating image or Font Awesome Icon, let users rate listings and then sort listings by ratings.



Show Featured badge on selected listings (can be automated with pricing packages addon).


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We have built-in integrations with both Yoast, SEOPress and RankMath SEO plugins.

Location Filtering

Location Filtering

Browse listings Globally or by Country, Region, City or Neighbourhood. Admin can enable or disable any location types.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers, Our omni Channel Support Team Awaits You

Listing your services as a supplier on MyMahotsav is simple and easy. You can create a supplier account and then proceed to fill out the necessary information about your services, including descriptions, pricing, and any additional details that potential customers may need to know.

MyMahotsav welcomes a wide range of services from suppliers across various industries. Whether you offer catering, event planning, photography, entertainment, or other event-related services, you can list your offerings on our platform to connect with potential clients.

As a supplier on MyMahotsav, you'll have access to tools and features to help you manage bookings and inquiries efficiently. This includes a dashboard where you can view and respond to inquiries, manage your availability calendar, and track upcoming bookings.

MyMahotsav may charge a fee for listing your services as a supplier on our platform. This fee helps cover the cost of maintaining the platform and promoting your services to potential clients. Be sure to review our supplier fee structure for more information.

MyMahotsav actively promotes the services listed by suppliers on our platform to help them reach a larger audience of potential clients. We utilize various marketing channels, including social media, email campaigns, and featured listings, to showcase your services and attract clients.

Yes, you can customize your supplier profile on MyMahotsav to showcase your brand and services effectively. This includes adding photos, videos, client testimonials, and other relevant information that highlights your expertise and professionalism.

MyMahotsav provides tools and resources to help suppliers manage payments and contracts seamlessly. You can set up payment processing options, such as accepting deposits or full payments, and create contracts or agreements directly through the platform to formalize bookings with clients.

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