Future-tech for Preservation

An AI powered Mega Platform for Everyone

MyMahotsav leads the faith-tech revolution, building a vibrant digital ecosystem for India’s festivals and traditions.

The platform connects a billion hearts in Bharat and the Bharatiya diaspora, empowering temples and organisations with AI-powered tools for sustainable growth and community engagement.

Social Network

A growing global community of passionate members spanning the Indian diaspora and beyond.


We promote and sell the festival and ethnic merchandise from verified vendors across the globe.

Cloud Software

Our business solutions transforms and digitise, large and small temples and NGOs.

Content Sharing

User Generated Content Platform to create and share memories through blogs, images and videos.

  • Cloud Docs
  • Directories

    A global directory to find local temples, festivals, events, vendors, communities and more.

    Knowledge Sharing

    Gyanvapy.com, a collaborative platform to capture and preserve heritage and tradition.

    Redefining Inclusive Innovation

    MyMahotsav’s Visionary Platform for a Connected Future and Culture Preservation

    MyMahotsav is a groundbreaking platform, born from a fusion of visionary thinking, cutting-edge technology, and the unwavering passion of our team, backed by our dedicated stakeholders. It stands as a unique, feature-rich ecosystem that brings together communities, cultures, and commerce. As an inclusive and engaging platform, MyMahotsav continuously evolves, introducing new features and services that cater to a diverse user base. We prioritize user privacy and choice, ensuring a safe and empowering experience for everyone. Join us on this journey as we redefine what a truly innovative digital space can be, while staying true to our values and commitment to excellence.

    MyMahotsav FutureTech Ltd headquartered in London, operating globally, with its flagship platform mymahotsav.com, is a community-driven platform to connect with culture, find faith, friends, forum, festivals, food, and photos in a fun and easy way.

    With innovation and technology at heart, with a dedicated and diversified growing international team, led by technocrats and business leaders, we are growing fast in all the markets, bringing in new services.

    Festival Fund 2

    For Consumers (B2C)

    MyMahotsav offers a vibrant community for consumers to experience Indian culture and festivals. Discover local events, join groups, share photos and videos, and explore a world of tradition. With a global marketplace, you can find and purchase festival essentials, keeping you connected to the heart of Indian celebrations.

    For Business (B2B)

    MyMahotsav’s platform empowers businesses with unique tools and features to reach a wider audience. Our multi-vendor marketplace enables vendors to showcase their products to a growing customer base. With hyperlocal delivery and multicurrency support, you can connect with consumers worldwide and expand your business effortlessly.

    My Mahotsav Calls for Beta Testers
    Temple Renovation

    For Temples and NGOs (SAAS)

    MyMahotsav offers Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions designed for temples and religious organizations. Streamline operations with tools for volunteer recruitment, event management, and donation tracking. Our platform also supports content sharing and community engagement, allowing temples to stay connected with their followers and manage their activities efficiently.


    The Ultimate Integrated Platform
    for Culture, Community, and Commerce

    Compare MyMahotsav with its nearest Competitors

    MyMahotsav redefines what it means to be a modern platform by integrating a diverse range of services that exceed the capabilities of well-known industry giants. Unlike Facebook, MyMahotsav offers a social media experience with added benefits like free event hosting for communities and built-in ticket selling, creating a more holistic platform for interaction and connection. It competes with Eventbrite by providing seamless event management and ticketing, but with a cultural twist that resonates with the Indian diaspora.

    Where MyMahotsav truly stands out is in its AI powered integration of multiple features under one roof. The platform combines social networking, event management, multi-vendor marketplaces, cultural directories, and video streaming, all accessible through a single login. This unified approach focuses on diversity, inclusion, and the preservation of Indian culture, offering users a unique and engaging experience. It’s a platform that doesn’t just keep pace with its competitors—it outpaces them by offering a comprehensive, technology-driven ecosystem designed to meet the evolving needs of its users.

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    Create your Profile, Invite friends, Create Private Groups, Discuss in Forums

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    Connect, Contribute, Change

    Our modern digital platform features opportunity for you to engage in multiple ways


    Search local temples, festivals, events, friends, festival fashion, communities and many more.


    Serve the community, search a Volunteer role or contribute to an impactful Crowdfunding.


    Gain blessings through online Puja at various temples, or find pandit-ji for office or home yagna.


    Join the vibrant global community, connect with friends and discussion forums, share your story.


    Make your NGO, Charity, Temples, and Local Businesses sustainable by taking them global and grow revenue.


    We connect and impact all the stakeholders of the society for a blissful living.

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    Coming Soon...
    At your favourite AppStore

    Our modern webportal is desinged Mobile first, but we are taking it a notch higher. We are creating a High Performing UI/UX Design from a Silicon Valley, for superb experience.

    Artificial Intelligence Powered

    MyMahotsav is continuously enhancing user experiences through AI-powered features. Behind the scenes, we’re building and training AI to add amazing benefits and usability to all our applications. Many of our features are AI-powered, ensuring that you get the most out of your MyMahotsav experience.

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