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India's only technology platform to promote heritage

MyMahotsav is a pioneer in faith-tech, creating a vibrant ecosystem for Faith and Festivals for a billion-hearts in Bharat and Bharatiyas worldwide. 

We empower individuals, temples and organisations with advanced cloud-based AI-powered digital-tools for a sustainable community.

Our Humble Journey to Heritage Preservation

We are experiencing a resurgence in festivals and faith, people being connected and blissful living is observed in Indian subcontinent and Indian diaspora worldwide. Modern day faith required digital tools. Our platform, a pioneer in digital cultural preservation, serves as a new-age ecosystem, where tradition meets technology, and where users from all walks of life come together to celebrate, learn and connect. 

MyMahotsav FutureTech Ltd headquartered in London, operating globally, with its flagship platform, is a community-driven platform to connect with culture, find faith, friends, forum, festivals, food, and photos in a fun and easy way.

With innovation and technology at heart, with a dedicated and diversified growing international team, led by technocrats and business leaders, we are growing fast in all the markets, bringing in new services.

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Social Inspiration

The World Economic Forum (WEF) suggests that businesses with a strong sense of purpose inspire trust and those with solid and effective purpose strategies often see great returns. 

In addition, the rise of profits-for-purpose business models has seen more companies embracing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives with expanded corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

Tech Innovation

MyMahotsav is a pioneer in faith-festival based investments, thinking globally, working collaboratively with a moral compass as a guide. We innovate collaborative tools using advanced technology, help develop local business and make temples sustainable based on shared principles and faith as shared objectives.

We are taking the courageous and humble strides to digitise-modernise the age-old institutions of temples, empower NGOs to build better communities, preserve traditions and create enduring connections.

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Temple Renovation

Global Impact

Our impact extends beyond technology, as we foster connections, support cultural preservation, and create opportunities for learning and growth. We aim to inspire and promote the vibrant traditions and festivals that make India unique.

By offering a diverse range of tools and resources, we empower users, temples, NGOs, Charities, Organisations to digitise, organise, explore, share, and engage with their cultural roots, creating a positive and lasting impact on society.

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Products and Services

Technology solutions for B2B, B2C and Marketplace

Our flagship Social Networking service boasts a growing global community of passionate members spanning the Indian diaspora and beyond. Its Creator service, is at the forefront of promoting Indian culture and traditions globally, allowing digital creators to form meaningful connections and memorable experiences. The Marketplace service promotes and sells the festival and ethnic merchandise from across the globe. The Global Directory service promotes festivals, vendors, temples, and communities. The Software and Business solutions service helps digitise temples and NGOs. Other user generated content and interactive services like Video sharing, Wiki, and Courses all make it a hub for all things related to Indian festivals and traditions.

Social Network

A growing global community of passionate members spanning the Indian diaspora and beyond.


We promote and sell the festival and ethnic merchandise from verified vendors across the globe.

Cloud Software

Our software solutions transforms and digitise, large and small temples and NGOs.

Content Sharing

User Generated Content Platform to create and share memories through blogs, images and videos.


A global directory to find local temples, festivals, events, vendors, communities and more.

Cultural Wiki

A wiki-tech for a collaborative community to capture and preserve heritage and tradition.

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