Roles Organization Name Type Category Start Date End Date
Campaigners work on campaigns, projects, and programs that aim to grow the organization, raise awareness of specific goals, and attract donors or members. They’re often part of an NGO’s communications and strategy division.
Shreeji Temple Temples Temple within Private Residence 3 Jun, 2023 16 Jun, 2023
Board member
A board member of a charity organisation ensures that the charity is fulfilling its mission and goals. They propose new projects, make sure the organisation's finances are in order and engage with the public. Board members ensure that the staff at their organisation are doing everything they can to help achieve those goals. They hold regular meetings and oversee how employees are working towards objectives. Board members ensure all of their decisions are legally and ethically made by seeking advice from outside counsel when appropriate.
Sacred Heritage Foundation Organisations Foundation 26 Jul, 2023 1 Aug, 2023
Digital Content Manager
Digital content managers are marketers who focus on an NGO’s digital strategy and content like websites, blogs, and social media pages. Digital content managers create digital campaigns; write and post content like blogs and videos; and manage an NGO’s overall digital content strategy. Managers also monitor traffic and trends to ensure strategies succeed.
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temples Archeological Temple 19 Jul, 2023 1 Aug, 2023
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