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MyMahotsav Purpose

My Mahotsav Philosophy
MyMahotsav Values & Purpose

Logo Philosophy

Triangular Structure: The use of a triangular structure represents stability and balance. It conveys a sense of harmony and equilibrium.

Lotus Shape: The lotus is a significant symbol in various cultures, including Hinduism. It symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The use of a lotus shape in the logo signifies MyMahotsav’s dedication to spiritual growth and renewal. 

Figure: The figure’s open arms symbolize a welcoming embrace. This reflects the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that people of all genders, backgrounds, and identities. The meditative posture of the figure signifies a moment of mindfulness and reflection.

My Mahotsav Logo Construction
Digital First

Digital First

MyMahotsav highlights its dedication to embracing digital technologies to enhance user experiences and foster community engagement. The platform emphasizes leveraging digital platforms to make cultural experiences more accessible, interactive, and immersive. From seamless event listings to interactive forums and virtual exhibitions, the platform strives to create a dynamic online ecosystem that celebrates culture and heritage in a modern digital landscape.

Colours of India

Gerua embodies the passion and energy we bring to our celebrations

Sunerhi embodies the feeling of opulence and the richness of cultural experiences. It conveys a sense of prestige and signifies the significance of our festivities

Sindoori is the color of tradition and heritage. It signifies the timeless customs and rituals that we cherish and preserve in the face of change

Lotus Leaf represents the idea of nurturing traditions and cultivating bonds. It invokes a feeling of fresh beginnings, reflecting the essence of our events as opportunities for people to come together

Neelkanth carries connotations of depth, wisdom, and authenticity. Deep blue resonates with the idea that MyMahotsav is not just about surface-level celebrations but a profound exploration of our heritage.

Colour Palette

Social Media

When designing elements and blocks for social media posts, the focus is on creating a fluid and visually appealing experience for the audience. The design elements aim to maintain a cohesive brand identity while leveraging Instagram’s unique visual platform. The use of engaging graphics, high-quality images, and consistent color schemes is employed to establish a recognizable brand presence.

Brand Guidelines 2024

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