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We are Growing Fast

At MyMahotsav, we’re on a mission to revolutionize how people connect with culture, celebrate traditions, and empower creators. We welcome you to invest in the upkeep and growth of our proud heritage and traditions. 

As an investor, you can be part of our exciting growth journey and contribute to our vision of creating a global community that celebrates diversity and fosters meaningful connections.

With innovation and technology at heart, a dedicated and growing international team, led by technocrats and business leaders we are growing fast in all the Indian and Prabasi markets, bringing in new services though a user-friendly platform.

Global and Scalable

Global and Scalable

MyMahotsav taps into a vast market of Indian culture and faith, with a scalable platform that can expand to new regions, reaching millions of users and serving a growing Indian diaspora worldwide.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

MyMahotsav's technology combines social networking, event management, marketplaces, and content sharing into a seamless user experience, leveraging AI and cloud-based solutions.

Experienced Leadership

Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in technology, business, and cultural expertise. They possess the vision and skills to drive growth and innovation in the faith-tech sector.

Business Model

Business Model

MyMahotsav generates revenue through various streams, including marketplace commissions, premium subscriptions, advertising, and strategic partnerships. This diverse business model ensures long-term sustainability and profitability.

Expansion Plans

MyMahotsav is on hyper growth, since its inception, and has a clear roadmap for growth, focusing on geographic expansion, product development, and strategic partnerships, ensuring consistent and scalable growth that attracts investors and creates value.

Community Impact

Community Impact

We are committed to supporting the preservation of Indian culture and tradition, creating a positive social impact, and fostering a sense of community among users and stakeholders worldwide.

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Low code development and AI Integration

MyMahotsav harnesses low-code development for rapid feature deployment and flexibility, allowing us to scale quickly while responding to market trends. This approach empowers our team to innovate without traditional software development delays.

We integrate AI technologies to enhance user experiences and automate processes. AI-driven recommendations, predictive analytics, and smart content categorization are key to providing personalized and efficient service. This integration boosts user engagement and operational efficiency, offering high-quality service at lower costs.

A Platform designed for All

With a diversified business model, we cater to and benefit multiple stakeholders, users, charities, businesses and communities.

Users and Consumers
Temples and NGOs
Business Establishment
Communities and Groups
Influencers and Affiliates
Marketplace Vendors
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Multiple Monetization Strategy

While staying Free for most consumers, we deploy multiple revenue streams for enhanced business benefits.

Free to Start

Offering basic features free, attracting large user base.

Subscription Fee

Membership fee for premium features and enhanced user experiences.

Listing Fee

Fees for businesses listing services or products.

Google Ads

Revenue from displaying Google ads on our platform.

Pay per Contact

Charging for access to premium contact / leads information.

Pay per Action

Revenue from user actions like clicks, bookings or downloads.

Event Ticket Sales

Commission on tickets sold for various events.

Marketplace Commission

Earning a percentage from vendor sales on our marketplace.

Software Services

Subscriptions for access to specialized software services.

Native Ad Placements

Revenue from integrated, user-friendly ads within content.

OTT Platform

Subscription fees for exclusive streaming content.

Course Commission

Earning from course enrollments and completed classes.

Meet Our Founders and Teams

Meet our exceptional leadership team—diverse, experienced, and dedicated to driving innovation, cultural preservation, and community growth at MyMahotsav.


Tarak Gorai

Interim CEO

Tarak is an investor and partner from MavensWood Investments and the chief ideator and value creator. An Oxford Graduate and an MBA, Tarak takes keen interest in growth, digitization and investor return.


Ethan Smith


Ethan been a tech innovator in Silicon Valley for almost 10 years before moving to London. A journey to Indian changed it all.




Brandee joins MyMahotsav at a critical time of go-to market and product launch. He is the energy to make things go right.




Subbu an avid AI technocrat and believer of Bharatiya culture, with his decades of experience in the technology stack, is the implementer of digital change.

We are Venture Backed

MyMahotsav FutureTech Ltd is backed by MavensWood Investments Ltd.