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Auspicious Periods

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Find Auspicious Periods in your daily life

In Hindu culture, the concept of auspicious periods plays a vital role in determining the timing of various activities. It is believed that certain times are more favourable for performing specific actions, such as starting a new business or getting married. These auspicious periods are calculated based on the Hindu calendar, which is a complex system that takes into account the positions of the planets and stars.

The Importance of Auspicious Periods

The Hindu calendar is a lunar calendar that is used to determine auspicious periods. Also known as muhurtas. It consists of twelve lunar months, with each month starting on the day after the full moon. The calendar is divided into two halves, with each half consisting of six months. The first half is known as Uttarayana, while the second half is known as Dakshinayana. The Uttarayana is considered to be a more auspicious period, while the Dakshinayana is believed to be less favourable.

How Auspicious Periods are calculated?

Auspicious periods or muhurtas are calculated based on the lunar day, tithi, nakshatra, and yoga. The lunar day, or tithi, is calculated based on the moon’s position relative to the sun. There are thirty tithis in a lunar month, each lasting for approximately twenty-four hours. Yoga refers to the combination of the positions of the sun and the moon. There are twenty-seven yogas in total, and each yoga is believed to have a unique influence on the individual.

Significance of Auspicious Periods

In Hindu culture, performing activities during muhurtas is believed to bring good luck and success (Wikipedia). For example, getting married during an auspicious period is believed to lead to a happy and successful marriage. Starting a new business during an auspicious period is believed to bring prosperity and success.

Determining Auspicious Periods

Determining muhurtas / auspicious periods can be a complex process that requires knowledge of the Hindu calendar and astrological calculations. There are various tools and resources available online that can help individuals determine auspicious periods for specific activities.

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