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### Group Description for Holi Event

**Group Name:** Holi Fest Organizing Committee

**Objective:** To plan, organize, and execute a vibrant, inclusive, and culturally rich Holi celebration.

**Group Members:**

1. **Event Coordinator**
– **Role:** Overall management and coordination of the event.
– **Responsibilities:** Overseeing all aspects of the event, ensuring all tasks are completed on time, liaising with all team members, and handling any issues that arise.

2. **Cultural Advisor**
– **Role:** Ensuring the event remains true to the traditional and cultural significance of Holi.
– **Responsibilities:** Providing insights into Holi traditions, coordinating cultural performances, and ensuring cultural sensitivity.

3. **Logistics Manager**
– **Role:** Managing the physical setup and operational aspects of the event.
– **Responsibilities:** Venue selection and arrangement, equipment rental, transportation, and on-site logistics.

4. **Finance Officer**
– **Role:** Managing the budget and financial aspects of the event.
– **Responsibilities:** Budget planning, tracking expenses, handling sponsorships, and ticket sales if applicable.

5. **Safety and Security Officer**
– **Role:** Ensuring the safety and security of all participants.
– **Responsibilities:** Implementing safety measures, coordinating first aid and emergency services, and crowd management.

6. **Marketing and Communications Manager**
– **Role:** Promoting the event and ensuring effective communication.
– **Responsibilities:** Marketing through social media, flyers, and local media, managing public relations, and community engagement.

7. **Volunteer Coordinator**
– **Role:** Recruiting and managing volunteers for the event.
– **Responsibilities:** Assigning tasks to volunteers, providing training and support, and ensuring volunteers are effectively utilized during the event.

8. **Food and Beverage Manager**
– **Role:** Organizing the catering

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