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Contest Start: July 13, 2023

Contest End: August 31, 2023

Diwali 2022

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Contest Start: October 19, 2022

Contest End: December 15, 2023

Rakhsa Bandhan 2022

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Contest Start: July 21, 2022

Contest End: September 19, 2023

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Activism Coordinator
Activism coordinators, who are a type of community organizer, coordinate activism activities like peaceful protests and other public events. Activism coordination involves many moving parts, such as developing ideas for events, budgeting, scheduling speakers and activities, raising awareness in the community, and managing an event. You’ll also need to understand the risks involved in activism and create safety plans.
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Beverlee Bark
1 Sep, 2023 Present
Office Admin
As an officer for an NGO, you could work in roles such as administration, project development, marketing, public relations, fundraising or volunteer management. It's different to aid work, which provides emergency response in specific geographical locations.
Profile photo 1 Aug, 2023 Present
Board member
A board member of a charity organisation ensures that the charity is fulfilling its mission and goals. They propose new projects, make sure the organisation's finances are in order and engage with the public. Board members ensure that the staff at their organisation are doing everything they can to help achieve those goals. They hold regular meetings and oversee how employees are working towards objectives. Board members ensure all of their decisions are legally and ethically made by seeking advice from outside counsel when appropriate.
Profile photo 26 Jul, 2023 1 Aug, 2023
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