A Nectar Called Love.

There you stood, 
waiting for the melody 
to reach my ears.
It wakes each soul of mine; 
the melody jinxing my mind.
I lose my sense, 
step into a trance .
This call has a gravity 
pulling me out with all its might.
And all I know has overturned 
I yearn for you.
I fight, I resist, I beg
but in vain.
With its slender fingers
the melody plucks out my heart, my soul.
Into the bamboo 
You softly blew 
this nectar called love.

As I cross the threshold of my house 
swayed by my heart;
I glance towards the sanctums; 
seemingly looking futile presently.
"Love is your religion"
speaks the voice inside.
"Come, come soon
come as you are"
it calls
to this nectar called love.

Here I am stuck in a battle of the heart and the mind 
with every step I take 
I pursue the vibration of love. 
Suddenly I see myself as a soul,
wandering and craving for your love
yet trembling  at each step 
I stopped at once. 
As I retreat 
a silhouette paints my vision. 
Its as beautiful as you; 
calling me to engage 
in this nectar called love.

I follow my heart 
I step into your world 
contemplating every stride to be a mistake 
but as I fight , as I grow 
I find YOU.
My beloved , the Lord of all ecstasy
as I join you in this aesthetic play 
Just as a river flows towards the ocean
let my heart forever flow towards you
let me become one with you
in this nectar called love. 

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