From human to divine love

What is love? Most of us ask ourselves this question everyday. Have we ever wandered what is love for god? We all know the story of Radhakrishn; two souls who are the epitome of true love. Everyone in every age has tried to define love as per their understanding, however every attempt at a definition is a failure to understand love in its true form. Definition is for things which our definite, love on the other hand is infinite, to define it is to constrain it. Love is a veil which covers everything and everyone, its a universe which encompasses every non-material and material object.

On our journey of love we walk across questions and choices which either make us define love subjectively or to go on with exploring every facet of love. From the story of Radhakrishn, we try to throw light on some deeper understandings of love and refrain ourselves from defining it in any manner; as the moment when we think we know love, love throws another dimension of itself at us, with various degrees of nuances for us to explore.


The society tends to control and dictate every sphere of life and thinks that whatever they believe is right is valid and things that do not have their validation cannot exist. It tends to define and differentiate what is right and wrong where as love is a garden beyond the illusions of right and wrong. In reality love has its own ways and it acts on its own whims. The love of Radhakrishn was beyond social norms and barriers such as:

1. Age

The different versions of their story often tells us that Radha was older than Krishn. In the eighteenth century, Muddupalani, a courtesan in the court of the Nayaka kings of Thanjavur, wrote the Radhika Santwanam. Here, Radha was Krishn’s aunt and his lover. In Odia folk poetry, Radha is called “MAI” and wife of the maternal uncle.

This was in contrast to the convention that the male should be older in age than the female.

2. Outside wedlock

There are two worlds of thought that revolve around this subject i.e., the svakiya parampara and the parakiya parampara. The former believes in marriage of Radha and Krishn. While the latter acknowledges the love and desire for something that socially belongs to another and is not sanctioned by law (niti) or custom (riti). Popularly, Radha was the wife of another man, he has many name including Raya, Ayan and Abhimanyu.

Their love grew above the convention that all love relationships should end up in marriage.

Love has no boundaries. It is free from caste, creed and any social bonds. Radhakrishn are inseparable. They symbolize true sanctity of love.


Krishna lives in me 
and I live in him
That's all.
Two bodies ,one soul

When we speak of Radhakrishn’s love we refer to them as one, “Radhakrishn” enunciated in one single breath. We don’t distinguish between them. Radhakrishn’s love was not physical but a soul to soul union. It was meant to be the relationship between two souls till the end of time. Similarly, Krishn lives in us and we live in every birth, we will love him and he will love us. This is the ultimate universal truth that Krishn tell us through his love for Radha.

AS Radhakrishn are discussed in the light of the legendary donning of each other’s garments, they become a symbol of the united self and not two figures.The gopis despite physical separation, experience Krishn in their hearts and are thus ever with him. They have experienced physical union with Krishn, dancing in ecstasy with him in the heart of the forest. It is thus the ravished gopis who have learned the lesson of the undying union with their beloved, a wisdom higher than all other paths to know God.

The religious system aims at release, but human love is bondage and aims at bondage. In Krishn the paradox of love is realized; bondage is release; the profane dimensions of love are wholly sacred. In loving him one feels unfettered, alive and divine.

In the end as Rumi put it,

A life without love is a waste. 
Should i look for spiritual love
or material or physical love?
Don't ask yourself this question.
Discrimination lead to discrimination.
Love doesn't need any name category or title.
Love is a world itself.
Either you are in at the center
or you are out yearning.

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3 years ago

This is sooo good omgg!!!🥰🥰❤❤

3 years ago

Such a divine thought for love. Very sensitive very pure very true ❤️❤️

Ishika and Sunidhi
Ishika and Sunidhi
Reply to  Vinita
3 years ago

Thank you❤

3 years ago

Very well written ❤️❤️

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