Goddess Within- Day One


Self acceptance and self dependency is always the first step.

Goddess Shailputri is the first form of the supreme Goddess, Adi Shakti. She is the daughter of the Himalayas. What is interesting here is that in her first form she is denoted as the daughter, which is an ascribed identity. This form of the Devi acknowledges her existence and identity which she had before setting her foot on the journey to discover the Goddess within her.

Just as growth demands acceptance of the past, so does it demand more and more independency and self reliability with each step. Be it a spiritual or material journey or destination, if you have not made peace with your self, if you have failed to acknowledge your failures and successes or if you are still financially or emotionally dependent on anybody or anything else other than yourself, you will always end up back to square one. Probably this is the reason why she is associated with the Mooladhar chakra or the root chakra which keeps us connected with our basic needs for safety and survival. It influences the fundamental elements of well being- requirements  for shelter, personal security and possessions.

Today, on the first day of Navratri, I accept and invoke the Goddess Shailputri within me. I accept my body as it is and regard it as my temple. As I accept the first goddess within me, I accept her in every other being. I am divine and so are you. I accept happiness and sadness alike, good and bad alike and pure and impure alike. I accept myself with my love, my honesty, my good and bad karma, my truth, my lies, my compassion and my insecurities. I accept my whole self unconditionally.

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Parth Gupta
3 years ago


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