My Mahotsav Calls for Beta Testers

MyMahotsav, Open Call for Beta Test Users

Hey, hey hey! We’ve got good news — it’s Beta Testing time!

If you’ve ever built a platform or product, you know this feeling. Revision after revision, countless hours of coding, re-thinking every screen, making assumptions, and counting on the experience and best guesses to get you to the finish line.

Well, we’re nearly at that finish line, but it’s time to see if what we’ve built so far is even worth a damn.

The truth is, we’re itching to get this into people’s hands. To get it outside of our little bubble and to gain your valuable feedback. The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly.

Interested? Register to Become a Beta Tester.

In this first round of Beta Testing, most testing will be around the core experience of the platform including:

  • User Registration
    • Creating Profile
    • User Dashboard
  • Social Networking
    • Add Connections
    • Create Groups
    • Create Forums
    • Social Activity
  • Host, your own Event
    • Create Events
    • Make it Free or Paid
    • Create Tickets
    • Register Attendees
    • Manage the Attendees
  • Photo Competition
    • Create New Competiton
    • Upload and participate
    • Vote and Comment
    • Jury Members
    • Award and Leaderboards
  • Fund Raising
    • Create a Campaign
    • Campaign Dashboard
    • Back Campaigns
  • Listing
    • Create Organisation
    • List your Local Temples
    • Link temples with Events, Org etc.
  • Many more hidden features to be discovered.

Next Steps & Feedback

We have opened the platform for beta testers to register. We may reach out to Beta applicants directly by email with any next steps to take your feedback and/or assist you.

Let the Beta testing begin!


Beta testings will be subject to the terms and conditions of our Beta testing agreements. While every effort will be done to keep the data entered intact, but any features and data can be removed, altered, modified during the production launch of the site. Read the Beta Tester Terms and Conditions.

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